Tesl 1 went out for steamboat! at Makang Sekak Sekak Nok Restaurant

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Alhamdulillah, we finally had the opportunity to went out together on 26th of February out of the mountain of assignments that we have. Where did we went to? Ahaa, it was a steamboat restaurant called Makang Sekak Sekak Nok.

What is so special about this restaurant is that we can take as many steamboat things as we want, as long as we do not waste them. Waste of about 100gm, we will be charged rm 5.00. Interesting right? And the price? Due to opening promotion, it costs only rm 19.90 per person. And we got free ice-cream!! We loikee!

Our first time 'Steamboat' together.
The feeling was----> great!!!

focus on the table. 
xoxo! it was the time of: i don't care about diet anymore!
just take anything we like.... !

for some of us, this was the first time we use the chopsticks.
and it was actually like : senang jugak ah guna .. (sounds like bragging?)

chopstick model #1

chopstick model #2

kak jah was undoubtedly very happy with the steamboat.

everyone is already full...
and sleepy... -_- zzzzZZZ

yeah, it's time to go back and sleep!

We are looking forward for another outing like this :-) 

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